National University of Singapore

A global university beginning in Asia, National University of Singapore (NUS) is the example of Singapore, which has read the guidelines and the review only Asia points and know a technical world.

The sixteen faculties and powers in the form of the three areas of the field in Singapore - Kent Ridge, Bukit Timah and Outram provides a comprehensive data due to its outstanding multidisciplinary courses and cross - amending University. NUS ready fuses transformation activities such. B. Preparation Change for change, jobs temporary NUS business schools overseas and degrees and programs of joint studies with completely different top universities in the world, give alternative possibilities and difficulties to manage its potential. the design authority is supplemented by a lush no public presence with innovative, social and sports-hobby-paths. improve An overabundance of 7000 deputies, 100 additional countries the collection with its various social and societal points of reading.

NUS has three centers of excellence (RWB) examination and twenty Basics Level 2 exams University and focal length. Total employee for Quinta CERs from Singapore. The university offers a final union sixteen associations at the national level and coordination centers. Test unit area strong and vital activities and the National University of Singapore has enormous qualities of examination in broken, Biosciences and Biomedicine, humanistic systems and technology and brands. real test trust unit area created from the end in a number of areas such as quantum-development; the development and changes in land use; clever and driven by communication; In addition to the configuration and the water. University strive together to form a check and innovative configuration try inventiveness to slide within its collection.

NUS is committed to success in the informational frames and evaluation around the world as well as the Association of Universities of the Pacific Rim (approved) and the International Alliance of Universities examination (IARU). The framework of this organization all over the world updated generally in your region added.

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