Carrington College

The Foundation was initially established in 1967 in the capital of California, California, because the school from northwest physician assistants and dental assistants. the University was fictitious to much to satisfy the wishes of the preparation of the adjacent human administrations.

1969 Faculty bought and found himself with his name changed to "Western School of Allied Health Careers -. Bryman College" Education Corporation of America ( "Edcoa Inc.") purchased the University in 1983 and his name the Western school career (CMI) was adapted. Opened in 1986, the CMI a second campus within the Bayfair Center in San Leandro, California. The third reason is opened in Pleasant Hill, California 1997th

CMI earned the regional certification by the Commission on Accreditation for the powers of the Community and the junior of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges in the Gregorian calendar month 2,001th
In the month of the Gregorian calendar in 2003, US Corporation, an organization based in California that prepare Western School Advanced career.

The United States. Companies get ready also collected school Apollo, which was founded by Margaret M Carlson in 1975 in Phoenix, Arizona, and to arrange for the appeal in professions domain-capable graduates. The United States. Companies get ready by the chairman and the executive activities of the Saint George Montgomery, 2002-2011 decided. entering the University scored in August 2005 by the combination of operations and business of the School of Silicon Valley (SVC).

In September 2008, US Corporation Address rebuilt in a division of Devry opposition. In 2010, Western Career School changed its name to CA and Carrington School Apollo changed its name to the Carrington School.

President, Montgomery resigned in late 2011 and was succeeded as president of the role of Henry M. Robert Paul, vice president of operations of tubes of DeVry University. In 2012, were below the unit of Paul, the mascot of the Foundation, blue and Goldie developed. In 2014, Paul David Pauldine, president of DeVry University managed and was succeeded by Jeff Akens as Chairman of the Group of Schools Carrington. Henceforth AKS had served as president of Carrington School CA 2007-2014 and was with the institution since 1993rd

In 2014, the Carrington-CA-school has respect among the ACCJC certification / WASC accredited with a justification of the Carrington School their frames gave to an institution that supplied cemented as Carrington College known.

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